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The Station House

South Wall repairs

South Wall repairs

Metal roof goes on

Deep foundation, ready for concrete

Concrete and first antenna section leveled


100 Foot Tower going up.


With the new Tower in place Firefighter's radios work better and in every area in the Black Dog FD district. This new Tower with new radios helps us save lives and property.

Installing door protection posts

Vapor barrier and rebar down, ready for concrete

Bay door openings

Jose's crew ready for concrete

Spray foam insulation being sprayed

Annual Yard Sale


The Chief is Black Dog's Pitmaster. Try some of the best BarBQ pork you may ever have!


The Annual Yard Sales is Black Dog's largest fundraiser. Come join us for great food and great deals. Your donations are important to Black Dog Fire Dept.

Furniture, household items, etc.

Trucks, Cars, Vans, etc

Firefighting & Training

Training on tanks

The end of a controlled burn

Air support during Quail Hallow Fire of 2007

Training with the dump tank

Suiting up

Firefighters on controlled burn

Volunteers building Tanker 1

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